AFR 165cc "Renegade" SBF Cylinder Head

No Heat Riser or Air Pump Holes for Maximum Street/Strip Performance

Our new "Renegade" Ford heads are a reengineered ground up redesign to our already formidable and proven 20° heads. These heads come ready for the maximum street/strip Small Block Ford performance possible. These 165cc performance heads are non-emissions legal and come with lightweight 8mm 1.900 intake valves and 1.600 exhaust valves. As well, they come with 58cc combustion chambers and a 70cc ultra high flowing nitrous exhaust port. With AFR's trademark 3/4” thick head deck, it's no problem handling that additional cylinder pressure. Each head is also drilled with 1/2” head bolt for maximum head gasket retention as a standard feature of this serious race piece in street design.


Hydraulic roller cams typically experience valve float at 6000-6200 rpm because of their fast ramp rates. AFR suggests you upgrade your springs to AFR part #8605, with higher spring pressures to reduce chances of valve float associated with rpm's 6200 or higher. (see footnotes here) for additional information.

165cc SBF Street Head Flow Chart

Tested on 4.060 Bore

Basic Package Components
100% CNC Ported Combustion Chambers
100% CNC Ported Exhaust Ports
100% CNC Ported Intake Ports
Competition 5-angle Valve Job
AFR #7249 Bead Lock Intake Valve, 1.900" x 4.903" Overall Valve Length, Stud mount
AFR #7250 Bead Lock Exhaust Valve, 1.600" x 4.955" Overall Valve Length, Stud mount, 58cc chamber
AFR #8017 PAC Racing Spring 1.290" OD Hydraulic Roller Dual Valve Spring, 135 lbs on seat, .600" maximum lift, Max RPM 6300-6500
AFR #8514 Manley 7° Chrome Moly Retainers
AFR #9007 7° Bead Lock Valve Keepers
AFR #6410 3/8" Rocker Studs
AFR #6103 Adjustable 5/16" Guide Plates
AFR #6612 Viton Valve Seals
AFR #8042 Hardened Spring Cup
AFR #9059 Intake Valve Seats
AFR #9069 Exhaust Valve Seats
AFR #9051 Bronze Valve Guides

Specifications, Features, and Optional Supporting Components
100 ft.lbs. with 1/2” stud Head Torque w/ Moly Lube
55 ft. lbs Rocker Stud Torque
25-30 ft lbs. Rocker Pedestal Torque
AFR #6828 Intake Port Gasket, 1.200" X 2.000" w/ 3/8" radius, Fel-Pro #1250
Important: Do not port match your intake manifold to Fel-Pro gasket as it does not precisely fit AFR heads.
AFR #6837 Exhaust Port Gasket, Fel-Pro #1415
AFR #6808 Head Gasket, Fel-Pro #1011-1
AFR #6323 SBF 7/16" Head Bolt Kit, ARP #154-3701
AFR #6322 SBF 7/16" Bolt, Head Stud Kit, ARP #254-4401
AFR #6320 Head Bolt Washer Kit, Manley
AFR #6324 Head Bolt Bushings, 1/2” - 7/16”
AFR #6207 Stud Girdle
RPM Performer Suggested Manifold
Victor Jr. Suggested Manifold
Autolite 3924 Spark Plug Starting Range
58cc Combustion Chambers
Can be cut to 1.625, no deeper Spring Pocket
Standard Valve Spacing
Standard, will not accept rail rocker arms Rocker Arms
Standard Valve Angle
.008” per cc Angle Mill (10cc Maximum Optional Mill)
.006” per cc Flat Mill (4cc Maximum Optional Mill)
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 1399   AFR SBF 165cc, No EGR or Air Pump, Strip Head, 58cc chambers, Stud Mount, complete w/parts   AFR SBF 165cc, No EGR or Air Pump, Strip Head, 58cc chambers, Stud Mount, complete w/parts   $1,618.00  Buy Now 
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