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High Quality Springs

AFR’s entire line up of valve springs offer the end user a lot of value and peace of mind. All of our small block race applications (mechanical roller) come standard with a high quality 1.550 OD valve spring with a standard spring rate of 550lbs/inch and a maximum capacity of .710 lift. All of AFR’s larger diameter 1.550 - 1.640 springs are made from high tensile super clean Chrome Silicon that is stress relieved and also includes two stages of shot peening. They are then heat treated and 100% tested for any load loss before arriving at our facility. Due to these processes (and unlike all of our competitor’s products), we spend a lot more money on our standard spring packages resulting in a very fatigue resistant product which maintain their pressure a lot longer than springs we could source at half the price. For more aggressive applications with more cam lobe intensity and/or RPM’s, we offer premium Manley Nextek upgrade packages at affordable pricing. We are also one of the few manufacturers to offer a standard 1.625 BBC spring which receives additional stress relieving processes and is electroplate polished as well for added reliability and durability...most of our competitors entry level spring BBC springs are 1.550 diameter.