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Accuracy, Repeatability and Reliability

AFR’s heads are CNC ported with a multi angle valve job on the intake and a fully radius valve job on the exhaust resulting in 20% or more flow than our competitors as cast and 5% or more than their CNC version. AFR's optimized, extremely efficient port and chamber designs have had hours of extensive research in the pursuit of perfection. Then they masterfully reproduce these designs on our proprietary five axis CNC porting equipment. Your local porting shop would be hard pressed to get similar numbers once by hand, never mind to copy and reproduce those results 8X in every intake and exhaust port. We offer our CNC porting in two levels to try and meet every racer’s budget and we sell our 100% CNC ported street heads for only a few hundred over most of our competitors as cast offerings. Additionally on our BBC we offer an economical bowl blend for those on a budget. There simply is NO COMPARISON when looking at airflow figures and more importantly your dyno and track numbers. Spending another few hundred dollars on AFR Cylinder Heads will double the gains you might have achieved in an effort to save money. The little bit of extra money you invest in a set of AFR’s could potentially be the best money you ever spent when you evaluate your performance gains versus dollars spent. We could just hand blend or CNC the bowls, entrances and chambers like some of our competitors, but we never take half measures at the expense of your performance results.