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Clean Sheet Design

All of AFR’s cylinder heads offer the end user a clean sheet design. This is something ported OEM and our competitor’s castings simply can’t offer. All AFR heads come with our trademarked ¾” thick head deck to meet the power demands of your aftermarket engine. We improve the water jacketing for enhanced cooling and elimination of hot spots that cause harmful detonation while retaining a minimum of .200 port to water jacket thickness. We shape and optimize our ports first, and THEN we cast our ports around the optimized superior port and chamber shapes we research to death. This also provides a secondary extremely important benefit regarding port wall thickness and integrity. A ported OEM casting will be very thin in areas and it’s very common to see leaks and at times complete port wall failure, especially in the high stressed areas. When you send your factory heads off to your local head guru, the only option they have in an effort to get you more flow is removing material and increasing the size of the port. In most situations, an OEM port design needs just as much material added in the right places as removed to net a truly effective port design that only can be achieved with a clean sheet approach that AFR uses in design.