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Lightweight Valve Springs

See #5 above for obvious benefits! A light weight valve spring assembly (spring, retainer, and locks) has all the same benefit that reducing the mass of the valve brings to the table. The spring is also required to keep it own mass in check (in addition to the retainer and locks), and a spring that has similar seat pressures and spring rates with less total mass to control is going to extend the point your engine starts experiencing valve control related issues. All of our street/strip SBC/SBF/LSX heads come with lightweight small diameter premium wire 1.290” hydraulic roller valve springs, which also reduces the weight of the retainers due to their smaller diameter needed to meet the smaller spring requirements (the benefit of the smaller spring being compounded even further). In total, our new SBC and SBF product line has reduced the reciprocating mass of our valve train by a whopping 100 grams per cylinder! This drastic weight reduction reduces power robbing valve float issues and adds measurably to your performance engine’s reliability. AFR’s small diameter springs are made from Chrome Silicon Vanadium with Nickel and sent for a special heat treating process. Due to this process our standard spring is triple the cost of all our competitors heavy 1.400 OD spring. There is no need to spend additional money upgrading later to beehive style springs in an effort to increase your usable RPM. A quality 1.290 dual spring offers a lot more peace of mind when it comes to spring failure. With a single spring design, the likelihood of catastrophic engine damage is far greater. We have also tested our dual design directly against a leading competitor’s beehive spring revealing no difference in power till 6700 RPM (a virtual lay over of the two power curves) and a few more HP made with our dual spring design from 6700 - 7000 RPM where the testing was terminated.