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Air Flow Research reserves the right to make any and all changes, improvements, and/or revisions to products offered, as deemed necessary by Air Flow Research, without prior notice. Changes may incorporate revisions in design, modifications, procedures, material, specifications, or configuration without liability or obligation based on similar products previously offered. Air Flow Research assumes no responsibility to upgrade previously purchased products of Air Flow Research or products manufactured by other manufacturers supplied and offered by Air Flow Research. Air Flow Research further reserves the right to revise the content of cylinder heads and/or special kits and accessories currently offered without prior notice or liability.

Speed kills, please drive responsibly and enjoy our hobby at the race track only as this is the designed application of AFR products. AFR products are not intended for street racing and AFR only promotes safe habits at your local track. With this additional performance AFR suggests you consider upgrading your brakes for better stopping performance. Because racing cylinder heads are used under severe and unpredictable conditions, Air Flow Research assumes no liability for incidents resulting from racing accidents or gross misuse, neglect, improper installation, improper adjustments, dirt or other contaminants, or poor fuel quality.

Unless otherwise noted, products listed herein are not legal for use on pollution controlled motor vehicles in the United States of America; and may not be legal for use on pollution controlled vehicles in other countries as well. Please contact Air Flow Research or the local governing body responsible for regulating motor vehicle emissions in your area for more information.